"Great read. I've been saying since age nine that I had a purpose and I've been patiently yet productively seeking my purpose. I've decided to take my full name and spell it out with one of your inspirational words per day, ( 22 days) and meditate on my choices. Focus on what will be changed to finally and continually serve my purpose for self, others, and to my Lord Jesus Christ.
Thank you T. M. Jones"

"This is a great book to start your day with.  It is very uplifting and inspirational."

Marcus J. - Arizona

Fitly Spoken is a book that I can't go without. I look to it daily for inspiration and comfort to get me through my busy day. It's right beside me on my desk and when I need a word or two of encouragement, I can find it on any page in Fitly Spoken. This book would certainly make a great gift for the holidays or any day.

Mary K. - Florida

Jeanine K. - Maryland

© 2017 by Tamara M. Jones 

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